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MSI JAPAN HONGKONG Corporate Profile

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In order to contribute to the culture and entertainment development of Japan and Asian though sound, concerts and event production business, we are also making our best effort to deliver high-quality equipment, technology, outstanding engineer and staff service. Furthermore, not only giving fantastic concerts event production and sound effects to the audience who come to the venue, but we will definitely continue to maximize our efforts and wish to hear clients’ appreciation along with their smile.


Business description

Business operation mainly in Hong Kong, Macau, China, and Taiwan;
-Rental and leasing of acoustic equipment and the sales
-PA business (concerts, events and entertainment)
-Dispatch of mixing engineers and system engineers
-Production, edit and operation of Music and SE
-Production business (concert and event planning, promotion, management,
translation, VISA application,), production coordination and consulting
-Arrangements of performers and overall operations related to entertainment

Company name

MSI Japan Hong Kong Company Limited

Main Office

Unit1, 6th Floor, Hung Mou Industrial Building, 62Hung To Road, Kwung Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong [MAP]


西尾 元成 (Motoshige Nishio)


藤井 修三 (Shuzo Fujii)
木村 照芳 (Teruyoshi Kimura)


july 7th 2004