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Privacy Policy

MSI JAPAN HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (hereafter called we) are making the following approach regarding the personal information provided by customers on our website (http://www.msi-japan.com/). Please accept each item below before using.

  • When we ask customers to provide the personal information, we collect it as much as necessary upon notifying the purpose of use.
  • We control customers’ personal information appropriately as well as make efforts to prevent leakage. And we also make efforts to protect customers’ personal information by exercising appropriate measures against illegal access from outside, loss, destruction, falsification.
  • We use customers’ personal information as far as they have agreed on, and we will not disclose or offer it to the third party without the customers’ consent, except for the cases below;
    • When it is decided to be appropriate to use it outside our company in order to achieve the purpose.
      (The customers and their proxy can request us to stop providing their personal information to external entities.)
    • When asked for disclosure by law
    • When it is required in order to protect person’s life, body or assets and when it is difficult to get the customers’ consent.
    • When asked for disclosure by public organization such as judicatory and police and when it may obstruct the said administration by getting the customer’s consent.
    • When transferring the personal information because of succession of business such as joint enterprise, transfer of business and the other reasons.
  • The range of application of this policy basically covers the website run by our company and this policy may not cover the handling of personal information of the linked websites and other external sites. (The links to the external software companies are created for downloading plug-in software and etc. We are not responsible for handling or obligations of personal information during that process.)
  • We revise above items arbitrarily and make efforts to handle personal information appropriately.