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MSI JAPAN SHANGHAI Corporate Profile

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We aim to provide the best possible equipments and techniques of high quality and the services of excellent engineers constantly so that we can contribute to the development of culture and entertainment of China and to the cultural communications with Japan through the acoustics and PA (Public Address).


Business description

In China
-Arrangements of acoustics, lighting and filming equipments and instruments for concerts, events and entertainment
-Dispatch of mixing engineers and system engineers
-Cooperation for managing LIVE HOUSE, designing and installing acoustic systems, and dispatch of engineers
 Hunan Satellite TV TVProgram「I am Singer」 http://www.hunantv.com/v/2012/wsgs/
 MAO live house Shanghai http://www.mao-music.com [MAP]
 School http://site.douban.com/school/
-Production business (event planning and production, acoustic system design, operation and translation), production coordination and consulting
-Arrangement of performers and overall business operations related to entertainment

Company name

Hejie Culture Promotion Co., Ltd. / MSI JAPAN SHANGHAI

Main Office

Room3201, Building 6, No.88 Huichuan Road, Regents Park, Shanghai 200050, China [MAP]

Hejie Office

Room409,Yuanjiaguoji Mansion, No.40 Dongzhong Rd, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100027. [MAP]


西尾 元成 (Motoshige Nishio)


July 17th 2006