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Aiming to our 40th anniversary, we are making the best effort to provide the world-class technology as well as outstanding human resources.

MLA System Martin Audio

In 2012, MSI JAPAN introduced MLA system, the new line-array concept of multi-cellular loudspeaker array. With the unprecedented line-array control for uniformity and directionality, it renders constant sound environment for both 3m and 150m from the downstage edge without delay speaker arrays. In addition, MLA system resolves noise issues such as sound leak from concert venue, proved by our concert installations for Tokyo dome and other major rock festivals in Japan. MLA’s new innovative technology has stayed on topic in world audio industry since released.


In April, 1998, MSI JAPAN contracted with L-ACOUSTICS and was authorized by the Japanese V-DOSC partner in a worldwide network.
The speaker of the line sauce array was introduced for the first time in Japan, and experience and a track record sufficient as a pioneer of those days have been cultivated.
High evaluation of a client and an artist is obtained in 2000 or more concerts, events, etc. every year.
We introduced K-1" which is the new lineup of L-ACOUSTICS."


Avid, which has brought reform in the professional recording industry by Pro Tools digital audio workstation, developed the professional mixing console, “VENUE” designed to achieve the rigid reliability required for live performance audio, and MSI JAPAN was among the first to have adopted VENUE. It is the cutting-edge digital console system which offers the simple usability and the reliability beyond comparison with the studio grade sound. It uses an industry standard Digidesign Pro Tools system for recording and playback integration (virtual sound check), remote control using network and the same plug-ins as studio recording. It is a mixing system that realizes performances required by concert tours and live performances of multichannel specification (maximum 96ch microphone INPUT) despite its compact size.
MSI JAPAN has fostered a wonderful trust relationship of “manpower” with the said company in terms of development and operation.

d&b audiotechnik

Since we provided our equipment to ”Madonna” who visited Japan by the world tour in 2006, MSI JAPAN forms the business alliance with Eighth day sound (USA).
 1)Carefully configure each component to maximum performance.
 2)Simple and easy operation
 3)The sound field space is different from the system performance.
 4)We appreciate the system reality concept of d&b as its performance can be reproduced in the same way all over the world. We provide local support to the following artist concerts THE WHO,COLD PLAY EMINEM,LADY GAGA and many oversea artists with our d&b and J-series.