N.A code

MSI JAPAN Group holds content conference meetings in order to create new content that utilizes the characteristics of each sub-company. Music Busker in Umekita is one example of an idea that resulted from these meetings. The creation of this event provides a space for new artists to perform and also airs these indie musician’s songs on FM radio stations.

Company Profile

  • Discover, Cultivate and Produce New Artists
  • Management of Art Gallery “Art Cocktail”
  • Event Planning and General Production Work
  • Music, Sound and Video Production
Name N.A code Co., Ltd.
Head Office Location 3-19-30 Uchihonmachi, Suita-City, Osaka 564-0032
Phone: +81(0)6-6318-5988
President Motoshige Nishio
Director Shuzo Fujii
Hiroyuki Ueda
Yoshiki Matou
Founded May 18th, 1991