Always remember your drive to succeed even when times get tough,
and never forget to show gratitude toward the people who have supported you along the way.

I was very impressed with our current CEO, Fujii, when I had an opportunity to work with him years ago, during the time I was employed at a sound reinforcement company in Sapporo. Later, I ended up transferring to Fujii’s company after a very convincing phone conversation with him.

When we first began our operations as a newly formed team, we drove all over Japan in a 4-ton truck carrying all of our original equipment which included speakers, amps, and consoles.
Using original equipment was pretty unusual for a Japanese SR company at that time. This meant 100% liability toward any equipment malfunctions that occurred during live concerts.
However, it motivated us to understand our equipment & operations better and caused us to be even more responsible for our work. We started using V-DOSC in 1988, then expanded to K-1, d&b, and MLA. We made sure to always use state-of-the-art technology for our audiences.
When we had our first opportunity to work for a big summer outdoor music festival in 2001, our entire staff of employees was made up of less than 30 people and we desperately needed the cooperation of another SR company. We couldn’t pull off this big outdoor event without their help. Eighteen years later, this relationship we’ve developed continues and we still collaborate with the same companies.

When I reflect back on three decades at MSI JAPAN, I still remember our employee’s challenging spirits and how each and every one of them played a part in growing MSI JAPAN.
Thank you to all the friends, families, employees, and industry professionals who have supported us with your advice and continued belief in the company.

It’s our 40-year anniversary in 2018. We will stay up-to-date on the latest/future trends and expand our business even more- now having experience in our back pocket! I would appreciate your continued support in this new chapter.

COO Iwao Tsurusawa

Company Profile

  • Rental Business: Rentals/Leasing of Sound Equipment
  • Sound Reinforcement Business: Dispatch of Mixing Engineers & System Engineers for Concerts & Events
  • Facilities: Planning, Design, Installation, Construction, Maintenance and Inspection of Acoustics
  • Miscellaneous: Planning & Producing Events, Management, Overall Operations related to Entertainment
Head Office Location 3-1 Kajigaya, Miyamae-Ku, Kawasaki-City, Kanagawa 216-0034
COO Iwao Tsurusawa
Director Junpei Sato
Director Motoshige Nishio
Director Yukihiko Soga
Director Takashi Murata
Director Shuzo Fujii
Director Teruyoshi Kimura
Founded June 10th, 2009