MSI JAPAN group set out to provide world-class standard sound, technology, and services. We are committed to establishing our own network of major sound equipment makers and sound reinforcement companies.

Original PA Network

MSI JAPAN’s relationship with Eighth Day Sound Systems (Cleveland USA) was initiated when we provided equipment for Madonna’s 2006 Japan World Tour.
Eighth Day Sound Systems had previously worked with Lady Gaga, Eminem, and many other top worldwide artists.
Over the years, MSI JAPAN accumulated a “speaker network” consisting of V-DOSC, d&b, etc.
We then also began an official business partnership with Eighth Day Sound beginning in 2008 in hopes of bringing the entire Asian music market together.
We participate in a special workshop that Eighth Day Sound hosts for engineers all over the world called “Eighth Day Sound Conference.”
In 2009, we joined their training workshop where diverse engineers get together and actively make technical alliances to unify our industry.

  • Eighth Day Sound, V-DOSC, d&b, avid, MLA MARTIN