We aim to contribute to Asian culture and entertainment through sound reinforcement, concerts, and event production. We are making our best efforts to deliver high-quality equipment & technology, outstanding engineers, and excellent services by our staff. Not only do we wish to deliver remarkable concerts, event production, and sound to our audiences, but we also value leaving our clients satisfied. Seeing a smile on a client’s face, or hearing a “thank you” is the most fulfilling part of the job.

MSI Japan Hong Kong Company Limited
CEO Motoshige Nishio

Company Profile

Business Operations- Located mainly in Hong Kong and Macau
  • Rental/Lease and Sales of Sound Equipment
  • Sound Reinforcement Business (for concerts, events and entertainment)
  • Dispatch of Mixing Engineers & System Engineers
  • Production, Editing and Operation of Music and SE
  • Production Business (concert/event planning, promotion, management, translation, VISA application assistance), Production Coordination & Consulting
  • Booking Performers (and overall operations related to entertainment)
Name MSI Japan Hong Kong Company Limited
Head Office Location Room 405, 4th Floor Of Block A, Chung Mei Center No.15 Hing Yip Street Kowloon
CEO Motoshige Nishio
Director Shuzo Fujii
Director Teruyoshi Kimura
Founded June 7th, 2004