Our 40 Year History

It all started in Hyogo, Japan (1975) when current chairman, Shuzo Fujii started planning and managing amateur concerts with a greater business plan in mind. He called this plan “Mob Design.” Later, Teruyoshi Kimura (1976) and Motoshige Nishio (1977) joined forces, and together, they founded “LIVE SOUND MOB” and took their business to Tokyo.

Their joint dream was to “create great sound, offer great sound equipment, and work for major Japanese tours!”

Within a matter of two years, MOB Co. Ltd. was founded in 1979. Its goal being to become a multifaceted music company. However, they had to start from scratch in the unfamiliar city of Tokyo... where they had virtually no money, employees, clients, or equipment. Nonetheless, the three of them believed in their dream, and did not give up, no matter the circumstances.

Fortunately, their efforts paid off, and people gradually started recognizing MOB for their work. The next step was to focus on recruiting and training young people to be responsible for the next generation of engineers. They strongly felt that excellent employees are the heart of a business enterprise, and they wanted to build a reputation of hardworking and talented engineers to represent their company. Their belief in the value of excellence was receptive by others, and their business expanded. In 1990, the business grew greatly due to economic booming as tailwind.

The next big step for the company was in 1992, after 14 years of establishing MOB Co. Ltd, when they began a partnership with one American sound company- Maryland Sound International (MSI). Soon after, MOB changed its name and became “MSI JAPAN” in 1993. This is the beginning of “MSI JAPAN GROUP” and a new chapter for the company.

Although MOB originally started their business by developing its own original equipment with the help of their talented mixing engineers and technological skill set, eventually, they began using sound equipment from other companies after affiliating with MSI. Their equipment evolved from MS-12 to MLA. In the same manner, over time, they advanced to the digital consoles like Avid S6L from the analog, i.e. Gamble EX56.

Within a span of 40 years, society and its values have changed greatly.

“Are we still merging effort with passion? Fulfilling customer’s needs? Improving every day?”
These are the questions MSI JAPAN asks themselves daily.

Their answer is this: As long as there are people who expect good work from MSI JAPAN, we will continue our efforts to be the enterprise which can deliver excellence and ignite happiness for others.

We look forward to continue growing MSI JAPAN GROUP in the ever-changing climate of the music industry.



Current chairman, Shuzo Fujii, first started MOB Design and his sound reinforcement business by planning and managing amateur concerts.
Fujii gained experience in working on nationwide tours as an exclusive acoustic engineer for Masaki Ueda and South to South in 1975.


Teruyoshi Kimura joined MOB.


Motoshige Nishio joined MOB as a sales representative and started doing business in Tokyo.
Founded LIVE SOUND MOB, which was responsible for the final live show of the band Ban Ban.
Started Leo Music Kansai, a music instrumental rental business.


MOB Co., LTD was established and opened its offices in Tomimatsu-cho, Amagasaki (city in Hyogo).
The seven founding members were comprised of Fujii, Kimura, Nishio, Ibamoto, Imahashi, Hijikata and Atsuko Fujii.
Began a sound reinforcement business and an audio equipment rental service using all of their original products.


MOB received orders from Kumiko Yamashita, Motoharu Sano, and Chanels (later known as Rats & Star) when they first debuted. All of whom eventually became very famous in Japan.


Expanded their business to Tokyo by opening a lodging facility for their employees in the city of Chofu.
Leased a parking lot space in Sengawa, Chofu-city for two 4-ton trucks.


Expanded the business by moving offices to Ogino, Itami-city (Hyogo prefecture), which still acts as the current head office.
The 「APSARAS~Apsaras」(Epic/Sony)album, shot by Joji Ide, received Grand Prix in the Professional Music Video Session Awards category at Canada’s New Media Festival.
- Apsaras Music Publisher was established for the purpose of protecting copyright for the band “Apsaras”
Opened a Tokyo office in Ikejiri, Ohashi.
The main speakers they used on jobs were their own original LMH-01, LMH-02, 3Way-1BOX.


Moved their Tokyo office to Hiroo, Tokyo.


Moved their parking lot space from Sengawa to Ozenji, Kawasaki-city, and also built a warehouse in addition to the lot.


Established N.A code Co., LTD.


Officially signed for capital alliance with Maryland Sound International (MSI).


The company name was changed to MSI JAPAN in February.
The first Japan tour since partnering with Maryland Sound International (MSI) was “Whitney Houston”: Japan Arena Tour (including Fukuoka Dome).
Worked on a HD video production for Japanese architect, Shin Takamatsu, with SONY HD software and movie director, Kazuyuki Izutsu. The exhibition was shown in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


Started using more MS12 systems from Maryland Sound International (MSI) in addition to the original DRDS systems.


Moved their Tokyo office/warehouse location to Komaoka, Tsurumi-ku in Yokohama-city


Signed a V-DOSC partnership with L-Acoustics in France.
They debuted the V-DOSC system for the first time in Japan at the “Tomoyasu Hotei” concert that took place at the Yokohama arena on June 27th.


Moved the Tokyo office/warehouse to Okuma-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama.
The main equipment used shifted from their original DRDS systems to more V-DOSC systems from L-Acoustics and MS12 systems from Maryland Sound International (MSI)


Opened music venue, Vi-code, in Nakatsu, Osaka in September.


Expansion to Asia. THE NEXT STAGE/MSI JAPAN Thinking Globally
They signed the V-DOSC partnership in Hong Kong.
Established MSI JAPAN HONG KONG CO., LTD (日本艾斯有限公司)
Signed an exclusive contract with “Andy Lau” as a sound engineer, and was contracted as the exclusive local acoustic company for his concert tour.
Established MSI JAPAN’s Shanghai representative office (上海代表処) on June 15th.


Opened the art gallery “Art Cocktail” in Nakatsu, Osaka.


MSI JAPAN Shanghai signed a consignment of business activities agreement with local corporation, Hejie Culture Promotion Co., Ltd.
Closed the MSI JAPAN Shanghai representative office (上海代表処).


Established AUDIO BRAINS Co., Ltd.
Opened their music venue, MAO Beijing, in February.
Worked “Baby Boo’s” concert at the Beijing Festival.
5/1 Appeared on the special stage at Pinggu Century Square
5/2 Appeared for two shows at Chaoyang Park




Established MSI JAPAN HOLDINGS CO., LTD. and became a new group organization.
NEWYORKER Co.,Ltd. joined the organization as a media plan and production company.
They were the first to adopt the “K standard system” in Asia as a RENTAL NETWORK agent of L-Acoustics.
Worked “Baby Boo’s” Solo concerts in China (May 4th in Beijing and May 7th in Shanghai).
Opened music venue, MAO Shanghai in September.


Main equipment used at this time: V-DOSC systems, d&b systems, MS12 systems from Maryland Sound International (MSI).
Signed an exclusive contract as a sound engineer for the popular Chinese rock band, “Hanggai” (2010 to present / MSI Shanghai).


Mr. Shuzo Fujii encountered Martin Audio’s system, MLA (Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array). He was amazed by the technology of this speaker, and decided to introduce MLA to Japan.
Moved the art gallery “Art Cocktail’s” location to Minami-Morimachi.
Worked “MONGOL 800’s” concerts in Beijing and Shanghai.
5/1 MIDI Festival Beijing (Other performers, Mr. BIG, etc.)
5/4 MAO Live house Beijing
5/7 MAO Live house Shanghai
5/5 MIDI Festival Shanghai
Established MSI JAPAN Beijing on August 16th.


First introduced MLA at “TVXQ! LIVE TOUR 2012 ~ TONE~” at Tokyo Dome on April 14th. This was the first ever concert without delay speakers at the Tokyo Dome.
Hibino corporation rented MLA from MSI JAPAN for the outdoor music festival “a-nation”.
Noise complaints by the neighborhood near the festival were dramatically decreased. As a result of this, Hibino corporation purchased MLA for their business.
Information website “HITOARIKI” was established in order to introduce talented artists active in the Kansai area.
Worked for the band “MONGOL 800” in Shanghai.
7/20 MAO Live house Shanghai
7/21 Zebra Music Festival in Jinshan City Beach, Shanghai
Signed an exclusive contract as a PA for the popular Chinese musician “Sun Nan” (2012 to present / MSI Shanghai).


Established MARTIN AUDIO JAPAN in January.
Played a part in production for the event, MUSIC BUSKER IN UMEKITA, at Grand Front Osaka. (It holds auditions and live concerts to discover new, talented artists.)
Established MSI JAPAN TAIWAN on November 13th.
Signed an exclusive contract as sound engineers for the popular Chinese band, “The Life Journey” (2013 to 2016 / MSI Shanghai).
Participated in the well-known annual music/arts festival “Clockenflap” held in Hong Kong, by providing SR equipment and sound engineers. (Central Harbourfront / MSI Hong Kong)


MSI JAPAN TAIWAN started running.
The opening party was held on March 11, 2014.
They sent equipment to be used for Taipei Arena (Speakers, MLA, Consoles, etc.)
Provided PA equipment to Masaharu Fukuyama’s concerts at the Taipei Arena on June 7th and the Hong Kong Coliseum on June 14th.
Provided PA equipment for the “Perfume” concert on Oct. 31st in Taipei.
Signed an exclusive contract as sound engineers for the popular Chinese artist “G.E.M (Get Everybody Moving)” (2014 to present / MSI Shanghai).
Provided sound engineers for the music venue, “School Bar”. (2014 to present / MSI Shanghai)


The Tokyo office moved to Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki-shi from Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-city in February.
Provided MLA equipment and sound engineers for “Jolin Tsai’s” PLAY tour (MSI TAIWAN)


Signed an exclusive contract as sound engineers for the popular Chinese artist “Jason Zhang”(2016, 2017 / MSI Shanghai).
Signed an exclusive contract as sound engineers for the popular Chinese artist “Matzka” (2016 to present / MSI Shanghai).
Signed an exclusive contract as sound engineers for the popular Chinese artist “Wallace Chung” (2016 to present / MSI Shanghai).
Signed an exclusive contract as sound engineers for the popular Chinese artist “Endy Chow” (2016 to present / MSI Hong Kong)
Provided equipment and sound engineers for Clockenflap Festival in November. (Central Harbourfront / MSI Hog Kong)
Provided sound engineers for the music venue “YUE SPACE”. (2016 to present / MSI Shanghai)


Renewed the information website “HITOARIKI” to promote artists who are active in the Kansai area.
Provided sound engineers for the 9453 Tour of popular Taiwanese artist “911 (Nine One One)” at Taipei Arena in January.
Signed an exclusive contract as sound engineers for the popular Chinese artist “Tia Ray” (2017 to present / MSI Shanghai).
Signed an exclusive contract as a PA for the popular Chinese artist “Xu Jun” (2017 to present / MSI Shanghai).


Provided sound engineers for the popular Taiwanese metal band “Flesh Juicer’s” FAIRY TALES OF THE OCEAN DEEP concert at Legacy Taichung (MSI TAIWAN)
Provided equipment and sound engineers for Clockenflap Festival in November (Central Harbourfront / MSI Hong Kong)

Influential Person

Steve Guest

Live Sound Reinforcement Engineer


Steve’s first visit to Japan was as a Front of House engineer (sent by MSI) for David Bowie’s Japan Tour.
The band “Tomoyasu Hotei” who played as an opening act for David Bowie at Tokyo Budokan, was very impressed by Steve’s sound work for the show.


Tomoyasu Hotei requested Steve Guest to be the FOH engineer for his tour.

Steve worked for:
Tomoyasu Hotei - Japan Tours: FOH Engineer 1998 - 2008
Miki Imai - Japan Tours: FOH Engineer 1999 – 2004


Steve used V-DOSC speakers at the concert in Ireland for David Bowie’s Europe Tour.
MSI JAPAN received his feedback of the V-DOSC speakers.


In January, our chairman, Fujii, and Mr. Mitsuki, visited the Bob Dylan concert in New York and the Yanni Concert in France to see the quality of the V-DOSC speakers.
Steve’s feedback contributed to the introduction of V-DOSC to MSI-JAPAN.


Steve instructed a four-day special workshop at CAT Music College in Osaka.